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Training Course

The training course at the AsiaFlux2019 will cover recent advances in micrometeorological instrumentation and the use of
LI-COR systems in ecosystem-scale flux monitoring.
Maximum 40 persons, Free of charge closed

Venue: local bus and Gifu University building information, download here -> local information

Gifu University, Gifu prefecture, Japan


1.1. To understand eddy covariance theory, experimental design and applications.
1.2. To become skilled at setting up and operating eddy covariance systems.
1.3. To be able to process raw flux data with EddyPro, understand online flux data processing (SmartFlux) and management (FluxSuite)
  and know how to use flux data analysis software (Tovi).

Class Schedule:24 Sept. updated, download here -> Training course schedule

29th September (Sun):LI-COR Training Course (Day1)
Day1 (afternoon session)
13:00-13:15 Opening remark and self-introduction
13:15-16:30 Eddy covariance theory, applications and experimental design, operation theories of analyzers and sonic anemometer

30th September (Mon):LI-COR Training Course (Day2)
Day2 (morning session)
09:00-11:30 Overview on setup of Analyzers, Anemometers, and SmartFlux eddy covariance systems, Biomet measurements
and sensors, etc.
Day2 (afternoon session)
13:00-16:45 Hands-on installation of eddy covariance systems, Data processing overview

1st October (Tue):LI-COR Training Course (Day3)
Day3 (morning session)
09:00-11:30 Hands-on GHG data processing, Explanation on EddyPro and SmartFlux outputs
Day3 (afternoon session)
13:00-14:00 Special lecture "Trials and Tribulations of Measuring Carbon and Water Fluxes over Ecosystems since 1978"
by Prof. Dennis D. Baldocchi

14:00-14:30 Certificate
15:00 → Move to Takayama city by chartered bus. (approx. 2.5 hours)


JR Gifu station ⇔ Gifu University
To use local bus (for more detailed information will upcoming soon.)
Gifu University → Takayama city on 1st Oct.
LOC will arrange free transportation service (chartered bus) for workshop participants from Gifu University to Takayama city.
(about 2.5 hours)
Please bring your all luggages in the morning on 1st Oct.


Day1 (29 Sept, Sunday):The University cafeteria is closed. Please participate after having lunch.
Day2 & Day3: We recommend that you can take the lunch in the University cafeteria. (It has a halal food.)