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[1] Field excursion to Takayama site (Around 8:00-13:00 on 5th October, 2019)

About 5 hours field excursion to two different flux sites (including transit time and toilet break).

Booking information
Participants need to book in online registration form (Max 40 persons; JPY 1,000) closed

Tentative schedule on 5th October: detailed schedule updated, download here -> Field excursion schedule
Approx. 8:00 Departure near JR Takayama station
Approx. 8:40-12:20 Field excursion at TKY and TKC site
Approx. 13:00 Arrival near JR Takayama station

Location of TKY and TKC sites
TKY and TKC sites are about 40 and 20 minutes by bus from JR Takayama station, Takayama city, respectively (Figure 1).

Climate condition and other information
The maximum air temperature in the sites will be up to 15 degreeC around the noon in early October, but sometimes it is very cold (less than 10 degreeC) even in midday depending on weather. A warm coat will be useful to prevent from cold weather.
If it is light rain, the field excursion will be conducted. Please prepare your hiking shoes and raincoat for the field excursion. If it is heavy rain, the field excursion may be canceled.

Participant will walk inside the forest. Please buy overseas travel accident insurance yourself and confirm that your insurance cover field activities.

Detailed site description
The "Takayama site" mainly consist of a cool-temperate deciduous broadleaf forest (TKY) and an evergreen coniferous forest (TKC), which are part of the AsiaFlux and Japan Long-Term Ecological Research (JaLTER) networks (Figure1).
The history of the Takayama site was initiated by the long-term observation of CO2 exchange between the atmosphere and the deciduous forest, and ecological research for the carbon cycle processes in the forest, by numbers of scientists and students from several research institutes and universities. Efforts also have been made to link ecology, micrometeorology, modeling and in-situ remote sensing to explore the multi-scale investigations of the ecosystems and surrounding landscape, and this initiative is called "Satellite Ecology (SATECO)", which is now one of the interdisciplinary initiatives for cross-scale observation of ecosystems (Figure2, see detailed in Muraoka et al. 2015).
Figure 1.
Location of Takayama site

Figure 2.
Multidisciplinary research and networking at the Takayama site to explore cross-scale mechanisms and consequences of forest and landscape structure and functions (Muraoka et al. 2015)

[2] City excursion to Takayama city (5th October, 2019)

Free city excursion to Takayama city.

Booking information
Participants do not need to book (Free excursion).

Detailed city information
Takayama is a local city in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu prefecture, Japan, and is well known for its rich nature and history. In particular, old town so-called little Kyoto located in the heritage preservation area is one of the most famous sightseeing spot. Please see the following web site for detailed information: tourist information